• Future Programs

    SMALL is developing new programs and opportunities for members.

    • SMALL is currently assisting in the incubation of a beverage brand and a nano-brewery in Chicago.

    • An online SMALL shop will debut in late 2013.

    • SMALL is in the process of creating the SMALL Directory, a perfect bound catalog of boutique and small manufacturers based in the Chicago area.

    • SMALL is currently developing an Art, Technology and Design incubator in partnership with the Geolofts. The 30,000 + sq foot space will host a co-working space, wood shop, studios, media center, and other facilities featuring a wide range of equipment including a 3d printer and laser cutter. The mixed-use manufacturing and tech incubator will be the first of its kind in the south side of Chicago. Launch of the project is targeted for FALL 2013.