• Lumpen Partner Produces Maker’s Issue

    by  • July 31, 2015 • Uncategorized

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    Lumpen created the “Makers” edition of the magazine and focuses on the work of some innovative and hard working local small manufacturers, artists and artisans.

    The issue features interviews with: Angela Venarchik, Johnny Wator (Daredevil Pedals), Julie Ghatan, Doug Kaplan & Max Allison of Hausu Mountain, Kelsey Dalton & Andrew McClellan of Heart & Bone Signs, Dusan Katić of Katić Breads, Coyote DeGroot of Labrabbit Optics, Dave Rand of Local Foods, John Taylor Wallace & Emily Moorhead of Metal Magic Interiors, Nancy Klehm of The Ground Rules, Pablo Ramirez of Pilsen Outpost, Jes Skolnik of Pure Joy, Dan Salls of The Salsa Truck, Shirley Kienitz & Jenny Stadler Wolfbait & B-Girls, Marie Akerman of Working Bikes and Blake Sloane formerly of Rebuilding Exchange.

    Download the issue here: #123 : The Makers Issue and learn more about local small manufacturer and businesses in Chicago land.