• About

    The Small Manufacturing Alliance promotes companies and individuals that manufacture products locally.

    The goal of the organization is to amplify awareness of products made in the Chicago Metropolitan area through events, promotions, pop-up shops, fairs and trade shows. SMALL believes that sustainable businesses are the key to our community’s social and economic well being. As SMALL grows our organization will assist local manufacturers with legal aid, seminars, marketing services, incubation services and other resources to help grow their business endeavors.

    SMALL is  a project of the Public Media Institute.

    Past Small Productions were produced by: Marian Frost, Emily Grant, Kevin Stanton and Ed Marszewski.

    Inquiries please contact:
    Stella – stellajbrown@gmail.com – 773.870.0103
    Marian Frost – marian@publicmediainstitute.com – 312.285.1036
    Ed Marszewski – ed@publicmediainstitute.com – 773.837.0145
    Nick Wylie – nick@publicmediainstitute.com – 847.312.3449

    SMALL is supported in part  by Public Media Institute (PMI). PMI is a non-profit 501(c) 3, community based, art & culture organization located in the  neighborhood of Bridgeport in the city of Chicago. Our mission is to create, incubate and sustain innovative cultural programming through the production of socially engaged projects, arts festivals, spaces, exhibitions, and media.

    3219 S Morgan Street
    Chicago Il 60608

    General Information: info@smallma.org on facebook